Pirates 4 Hire


Total volunteer hours within our community this year.
This is a total number of hours volunteered, adding up each Pirate's volunteered time.

Are you interested in having Pirates invade your next event?
Well, you have come to the right place to find members of the original Fernandina Pirates Club, Inc.

Since we are a Non-Profit organization, we gladly accept donations for our appearances to fund our scholarship fund and our various community charity programs.

Our Pirates all have different talents to offer and depending on their availability we will match the correct talent with your scheduled event, as well as the age group being entertained. The following is a basic list of what to expect at different levels. It is a sample of what is standard and is easily adapted to all types of events and ages of those attending.

Level 1: This level is for parties of all ages. You will be guaranteed up to six pirates for one hour of time. In this hour the pirates will interact with your guests and give out “pirate” beads. We will tailor the entertainment to the general age range of your guests. At least one performing pirate will be provided (nothing too scary or frightening if children are present and non-toxic tattoo’s will be made available). Arrangements can be made for additional pirates to suit the number of guests at your function.

Level 2: This level includes everything in Level 1 and up to eight pirates for two hours of time. In addition, our pirates will provide a small magic show, age-appropriate storytelling, small prizes for one Pirate organized game, Pirate School, and a Treasure Hunt. We will substitute games and customize entertainment to the age range of your guests.

Level 3: Included are all items from Level I and II, and we will supply the use of our Portable Pirate Ship. Pirate Ship availability based on being able to navigate it down your street and through your neighborhood. Not all residential or resort streets are wide enough, long enough, or smooth enough to safely transport our ship.

For an additional fee, black powder cannons and/or black powder guns can be added to any of the above levels when allowable by your development/city/county ordnance.


For more information, please contact our Pirates 4 Hire Chairperson, by sending us a message via Facebook, or sending an email to info@FernandinaPirates.com.



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