How to join the Fernandina Pirates Club, Inc.

1. Come to one of our monthly meetings, and we’ll answer any questions you may have. 

2. Send us an email.

3. Send us a message on Facebook.

4. But eventually you’ll have to come to a meeting. 


Because our charter limits our membership to 100 members, (75 Pirates and 25 Swabbies) we do have some rules for membership. Anyone wishing to become a member of the Fernandina Pirates Club must be sponsored by a member of the Club in good standing. Potential new members must first attend 4 sanctioned community events, 4 sanctioned paid events, co-chair 2 sanctioned events and attend 3 meetings, plus help fill shrimp festival shifts. Swabbies will be asked to pay dues and sign our waiver of liability to fulfill our insurance obligations. Although swabbies are expected to attend meetings, they may not make motions or vote until achieving full membership status.  

At the next meeting attended upon fulfillment of all requirements outlined in the foregoing paragraph, the swabbie will be nominated for full membership by his/her sponsoring member. The nomination must be seconded by two other Pirates in good standing. Thereupon, the membership will cast its vote by private written ballot. The vote will be tallied by at least two members of the Board of Directors at the close of the meeting, and the count given to the Membership Committee.

The vote of the general membership is subject to either ratification or veto by the Board of Directors. The Membership Committee Chairperson will poll the members of the Board of Directors by phone tree when necessitated by an upcoming event or at the next Board of Director’s meeting.

At the next business meeting attended, a newly elected member will be welcomed into the club by the
Membership Committee and presented with a new member packet of information.

Complete details on applications for membership can be obtained by contacting the Club by email. Anyone interested can also feel free to approach any of us when we’re out and about. Someone will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

You can fill out the documents below and email them to us, or hand them in to one of our Pirate members.

Thank You


Downloadable Forms that can be printed and turned in:

Indemnification Statement

Application for Membership


Fillable Forms that will automatically be emailed to an Admin:

Application for Membership

Indemnification Statement

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