Current Members

    Current Members of the            Fernandina Pirates Club   

The Current Members in Good Standing within the Fernandina Pirates Club, Inc. follow the current Board of Directors:

Board of Directors for 2023

*President (Cap’n) : Joe Brown*
*Vice President (Quartermaster): Roger Stewart*
*Secretary (Keeper of Logs): Judie Mackie*
*Treasurer (Keeper of Coins): JuleeAnn Dull* 
*Sergeant at Arms (Master Gunners): Neil Kjargaard & Jeremy Drang*
*Membership (Keeper of the Crew): Linda Kostelny*
*Public Relations (Teller of Tales): Jill Johnson & Greg Carter*
*Ways and Means (Keeper of Duds & Baubles): Kim Carter
*Float (Boatswain): Pamela Kittrell Smith*
*Warehouse (Keeper of Loot): Lawrence Mackie*


                  Captain  Greybeard

I’ve always been fascinated with all things Pirate. Read many books about them when I was young. Growing up in the Midwest, I was a pirate of the rivers and lakes. When I was 17 I traded the fast-moving waters of the rivers for the deep blue waters of the ocean. I sailed the seven seas for many years in search of fame and fortune. I came away with vast riches such as a better knowledge of the world, a little wisdom, and a greater appreciation for family and friends. In my heart, a pirate forever.”


        Quartermaster –  Roger the Rogue
Roger the Rogue is a fitting name for our wandering pirate. Traveling the country gathering his corporate dabloons, this Rogue has visited almost every state in our nation. Born and “braised” in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, he often heard the call of the sea and finally paid heed and packed up his ditty bag and moved to Fernandina Beach where he was quickly recruited to this motley crewe. He enjoys his time both above and below the waves and its often found shouting “Fire in the Hole” and letting loose the cannons and pistols. “Life is a journey, enjoy the ride… As a pirate!”


         Keeper of Logs The Lady Judith

The Lady Judith has been Pirating the waters around Amelia Island since she sailed into the Port of Fernandina in the spring of 1991. A friendly wench, she has held a variety of volunteer positions in non-profit or not-for-profit organizations such as the Fernandina Pirates Club, the Fernandina Beach Middle School, Relay for Life, and the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival. She is a past President of the Nassau County Writers and Poets Society, has been Treasurer of the Fernandina Beach High School Band Parents Association, a volunteer for a variety of Nassau Sport Fishing Association events and was once a Chamber Ambassador with the Amelia Island Fernandina Beach Yulee Chamber of Commerce. Married for well-over three decades… and counting, she has married off her two daughters, each in exchange for a large dowery; and bore witness to her son as he wed a local educator and woman of good stock. These offspring have blessed the family with four additional young lads who will grow into fine swashbucklers, and eventually

Captains of their own ships. Now, well-adjusted to an empty nest, she has returned to a life of pillaging and plundering and is suspected of crimes against unsuspecting island visitors. She still scribes about life in our lovely, Victorian, seaside village and can be found roaming the docks frequently. The Lady Judith, and her sharpened tongue and pen, are wanted for her distinct way of communicating. She also builds websites, writes press releases, corporate communications, while offering salty marketing and fishy publicity under the alias Amelia’s Plunder. The Lady Judith has frequently been spotted at the open-air market on North Seventh Street known to local farmers, hunters, bakers, artisans, fisherman, Pirates, and politicians as the manager of the Fernandina Beach Market Place farmers market in historic, downtown Fernandina Beach, Florida. She is married to Larmacdog.”


      Keeper of Coins- Jewels of the Island
Jewels of the Island is Florida born and grew up loving the water. Having the heart of a traveler, she left Florida in search of adventure. Experiencing the beauty of this world is something she will always love, and she still has a place in Arizona she calls home. However, the call of the sea brought her home again and so she’s back, petting any dog she sees, still having adventures, still traveling and still instigating plenty of shenanigans! Her code “Life is short me mateys, so live it to the fullest!”



 Sergeant at arms  – Gunnar Skullington

Neil Kjargaard is a transplant to the great state of Florida from Oregon, although his heritage is a mix of Danish and Viking. Married to Rhonda, they decided a warmer climate would be more suitable. In Oregon, Neil ran a landscape maintenance business, and has continued similar type work in Fernandina Beach. He became a Fernandina pirate because he enjoyed the community participation of the group.


        Sergeant at arms  – Jeremy Drang
Back in 2010 I was visiting Fernandina Beach and walked into the Palace Saloon, sitting at one of the tables where 4 amazing looking pirates, they were the most authentic looking pirates I had ever seen. Before long I was sitting with them having a cold beer and even got some pics taken with them. It was at that moment that I knew this club was something special. Fast forward 11 years and we purchased a home on the island, then it was time to join the fun.
          Keeper of the Crew – Luna Sea
Linda is a retired kindergarten teacher from the Akron and Cleveland areas of Ohio. Her love for fun, games, adventure, and playing dress-up obviously never ended, and now she can don the costume of a Wench and in Fernandina Beach, where no one thinks it is unusual at all! A volunteer for the Nassau Humane Society, Linda spends her time walking the adoptable dogs, and playing with the cats. She is a Cat Person, but not a Cat Lady – AND there IS a difference! With family in the Northeast Florida, Linda moved to Amelia Island in 2006.


       Public Relations – Sea-Kay McGee

Born & raised in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, Jill grew up exploring life around the shores of Lake Erie. In 2000, she met a long-haired scallywag from the Eastern Shore, named Wayne. They fell in love and were married in 2006. Along the way, he introduced her to the greatest storyteller of all time, Jimmy Buffett. Enamored with tales of boats, beaches, bars and ballads, Jill was a hula girl at heart and so she joined the ranks of parrothead pirates everywhere! This newfound longing for salt air that sticks to your skin had Jill Havana Daydreamin’ and the two decided a change in latitude was just the thing they needed. When the coast was clear in 2016, they sent word down the coconut telegraph that they were making the move to sunny Fernandina Beach, where they’d begin to reason with hurricane season. In 2019, Jill found her newest calling as co-chair of PR for the Fernandina Pirates Club and looks forward to many boat drinks & every new adventure that awaits. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
            Public Relations – Big “G”

Ahoy! Me Mateys calle me Big G because it was easier for the family to distinguish between me and me son Gregory (aka Quick Draw). Maybe it has something to do with many years in the Army, Restaurant business, or as an IT Geek… Whatever the reason, once I retired from the Army, I traveled the sea from Massachusetts to Fernandina Beach with me lady pirate “Valentine” and son “Quick Draw”. I Love to hand out beads and fire the big guns. Ladies, you don’t have to do a thing for your beads, but if you do, I won’t be displeased! RRR! Yo ho ho and several bottles of rum, look out ladies, here I come.


 Keeper of Dauds & Baubles – Cut Throat Kady

Born in the swamps of Georgia…

On a moonshine run headed east to the Golden Isles, I was Shang-haid by a red head scallywag named Polly to be her cabin girl on a great pirate ship. Heading south, rough seas washed us ashore on the beautiful Isle of Eight Flags!  I knew once my feet hit sandy shores here that there would be no turning back to the Georgia  swamps.  Dreams of gold and treasures now come true as my destination became a reality joining the pirate krewes. Plundering and pillaging the nearby shores as far as the Emerald Coast is where I can be found… 

Sitting on the dock of the bay,

Wasting days and wasting nights!!


                  Boatswain – Smoochie
Pam Kittrell Smith is our fun-loving, kissing Pirate known as Smoochie. Often dressed in purple, I can just about guarantee that if you’ve ever met this lovely Pirate Wench I’m sure she left you with a lipstick stained, positive impression! It seems she has always been a Pirate, born and raised on beautiful Amelia Island. Smoochie is a Veteran of the United States Army and had the opportunity to audition for the US Army Band. She has other talents, too. Besides being our number one kisser, Smoochie is also an Ordained Minister.


     Keeper of the Loot – Larmac Dawg
Captain Larmacdawg
Larmac Dawg has been a member of the Fernandina Pirates’ Club since 1991. An avid Georgia Bulldog fan, his Pirate name is an obvious choice. Married to the Lady Judith, the pair have three children who grew up being Pirates, literally, as all three graduated from Fernandina Beach High School, Home of the Pirates. Larmac Dawg enjoys long walks on the beach and reading romantic novels from around the world. When he is not brandishing a sword, you’ll find him perusing the isles shopping for his favorite “As Seen on TV” products.



                Pirate Members

                        “Dymps” the Pirate
(Marian) “I earned my pirate name due to my dimples.” Born in Jacksonville, I grew up on the island that I love, Amelia. That’s why they call me the Island Girl. Also, deemed the “Queen of Nassau” by those who helped in the fight to protect our beaches from privatization. Our beaches are one of most valued treasures. I will fight to protect our rights to access our beaches. I am the daughter of the late William J. Phillips (Jacksonville) and Janie Thomas (Fernandina Beach), and I graduated of FBHS Class of 1979. Some of my attributes are: Supervisors Secretary of Attendance for the Nassau County School Board, & Liaison for Juvenile Court 4th Judicial Circuit. President of the Nassau Educational Support Personnel, NEA Leaders for Tomorrow graduate class of 2010, Vice President of the Florida AFL-CIO. Life member Veterans of Foreign Wars, member of the Order of Eastern Star, Past Worthy Advisor of the Order of Rainbow for Girls, member of Blackrock Baptist Church and Reunion Chairperson for the FBHS class of 79. GO PIRATES! Being a mother has been one of my greatest joys. I have one son, (the jewel of my life) Wyatt Fenton Lee and his wife, Amber. Being a Pirate comes natural for me. Born the day before Halloween, I’ve always loved to dress up and be someone different if only for one day. My hobbies include: Professional Photographer for over 40 yrs, singing, sewing, dancing, and living life to the fullest. If I had to pick one event in my life that was a WOW moment, it would be when I finally got to meet President Jimmy Carter. This has been on my bucket list since I was 18 years old. The photograph from that day is a treasure I hold dear. OH It’s GREAT to be a FERNANDINA PIRATE!!!

                     The Rumrunner

Getting’ down in a pirate town.
They call him The Rumrunner, but the name is Steven B.; held captive to the evil corporate pirates for centuries. Escaped with only one eye and traded it all in for another world, a pirate flag and an island girl. His friends back home think he has gone and lost his mind, but take a little sip of that sugarcane rum and you are gonna know why. He spent his whole life roaming around ’til he headed on down to the Eastern Shore. He felt the sand beneath his toes, sailed the waves and plundered the coves, like pirates did 200 years ago. Some say he has gone Caribbean crazy chasing the ghost of pirates and sipping rum in the island state of mind. Nothing to mark the time but the crash of waves and swashbuckling with THE PIRATES! So everybody raise your glass to the golden age of the past.
Yes, he is a pirate 200 years too late.


                    Sir White Beard

Born June 15 1946. Grew up an Army Brat. Lived in Korea, England and Okinawa. Settled down in my early teen years in Columbia South Carolina where I attended middle school and high school. Graduated high school in 1964. Moved to Warner Robins, Georgia after graduation. Went to work with Southern Bell for a year and them was drafted into the Army where I did 3 years of service. Served in Viet Nam from February 1967 to February 1968. Finished my Army service at Fort Jackson, S.C. in May of 1969. Returned to Southern Bell and worked there until I took a buy out in July of 2000. Went to work for The U S Government in December 2000 at Robins Air Force Base as an Electronics Tech. Retired in April 2013. Moved to Fernandina Beach in June of 2013. Joined the Fernandina Pirates in November 2018.


                                  Blondie Mon
Wayne hails from the land of crabs & Old Bay, the one particular harbor on the Eastern Shore of Maryland known as Baltimore. While visiting family in Ohio, he met the fair maiden Jill in 2000 & soon after, they were married in 2006. But alas, the sun didn’t shine enough & the air was too thin in Ohio for Wayne. He had island fever and longed for Floridays filled with margaritas & boat drinks. Come Monday, the two decided a migration was in order, to find a salty piece of land & sunny Fernandina Beach is where they found a home. Wayne continues to grow older, but not up, livin’ it up and following his schoolboy heart as part of the fun-loving krewe of the Fernandina Pirates Club; we are the people our parents warned us about! And that’s the semi-true story!


                               Captain Kaz
Captain Kazimierz Lux (aka Cap’n Kaz) was a real pirate! In fact, born in Warsaw Poland, in 1780, Captain Kaz was a soldier in Napoleon’s Foreign Legion at the age of 15. He was an officer by the age of 20, a prisoner of the British for two years and then, a PIRATE for over 15 years. Later in life, Lux returned to the Duchy of Warsaw as an officer and a gentleman and lived till a ripe old age of 66 yrs old. Most importantly, Captain Kazimierz Lux was truly the POLISH PIRATE OF THE CARIBBEAN! He and his crew of 60 sailed his ship the Mosquito reaping a bounty of booty! Being a proud Pole, Kaz sent part of his booty to Poland for the needy, invalids and fugitives from English prisons. Pirate yes, but he never forgot his community! Captain Kaz is proudly brought back to life by Charles. After retiring as the assistant superintendent of schools, he was happily able to relocate permanently to this paradise we call Fernandina Beach. You may see Charles as Louis Michel Aury (pardon his bad French accent if you please), or other real pirates from history, as his interest in the island’s heritage is strong. So when you see Captain Kazimierz Lux at a community event, stop and say “Dzien Dobry” (say /jayn DOH bray) which means “Good Day”. Every day is a Good Day to be a Pirate and every day on Amelia Island is Dzien Dobry!
Me Mateys call me Limey, and I’ve been a pirate my entire life. I was a submariner for years prior to moving to the United States, and I’ve been a Fernandina pirate since 2006. I love to have fun and I like a good laugh. I also like RUM and grog. All of this makes for a perfect combination in a pirate.
“Hi there, I am just me, special only to those that know me well.” —Shooter Shooter has been a pirate in Fernandina Beach for many years! She has served on the board of directors as our membership chair for several years. Shooter is a fine mother and well respected by anyone that knows her … including teenagers and THAT is no easy task! How did she get the name, “Shooter?” I’ll just say this, “She gets invited to every party I host!” Arr, arr, arr, arrh!



Kalypso is the Sea Goddess known to possess beauty and strange powers over the sea. It is written that Kalypso once imprisoned Odysseus on her own island in an attempt to make him her immortal husband! Ultimately, Kalypso freed Odysseus.  In doing so, she provided all the materials for his ship on her island’s shoreline and with her powers, set the wind to his stern and commanded the sea to ease during his venture home.  So, pirates, merchantmen, sailors, and lubbers keep a weather eye upon Kalypso should she draw near. Hold fast to ye wits ‘bout ye lest ye lose your bearings as happened to poor Odysseus. While she may be pleasant, welcoming and warm, she could wield a sword or a marlin spike that could put ye over a barrel  in a splash! Beware ye visitors to our fair island, for Kalypso may just be the reason that Amelia Island becomes your forever island home!  Kalypso is the daughter of Captain Kaz and, more than likely, she will be seen upon her proud Papa’s arm as they enjoy this island paradise.
                                 Lady  K
1st time to the island in the summer of 1982 buried my toes in the sand and moved here April 1983. Daughter of a USN Ret Commander have made ports of call in San Diego, Key West, Charleston (3x), Groton, and a few land ports. Love to explore and travel – new adventures. Currently operating 3 compnies 1) Bachelors in Accounting (McCrimmon Financial Services) 2) REALTOR with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chaplin Williams Realty Inc. 3) Wedding Coordinator and officant (A Day To Remember).

After my divorce, I knew my daughter jessica and I would need new Christmas traditions as life was being turned upside down. At the time the pirates were HEAVILY involved with joy to the children and it took up half of Christmas day. So for me, joining the Pirates Club was to create new adventures and memories out of broken roads and strengthen the bond between us. It did just that.



                                Salty Blonde
Alas! Being part Mermaid my veins are filled with salt. One look at my golden locks and you can guess how I was blessed with the name Salty Blonde. I started pirating on Tybee Island, Ga in 2005 for the first Tybee Pirate fest and have been involved in every annual festival there. I was chosen 2008 Pirate Queen for my community involvement and for promoting this festival. After deciding to relocate to Fernandina in 2017, I quickly found my new pirate community. All it took was meeting a few local Pirates at The Palace Saloon as they were enjoying some local beverages and I was hooked. I’m also known as one of the Krewes’ MerMateys; part Mermaid & part Pirate. See you around!
                       Ravenous Morgan



                                 Quick Draw

Ahoy! His Mateys call him “Quick Draw” while others call him Greg or Gregory. At almost 24 years old, he’s one of our youngest pirates. He graduated 3 years ago from the TAP program, and is also a charming individual of our Autism community. He is also the son of our lady pirate “Valentine” and her mate “Tiberius”. He’s a proud and enthusiastic pirate who loves to draw his gun, hand you some beads… and RRRR! With his dazzling smile, he often gets asked for a hug in which he’s so happy to oblige. He’s popular with the ladies and children most. If you’d like a photo with “Quick Draw” he will be the happiest of all mateys to oblige. If you like to dance, he will dance with you. This young one can move to the groove!
Diane is from a village in Maine called Bowdoinham, population 2889.  She worked for the Navy for 34 years at a DDG (Destroyer) shipyard. She never wanted to live in Florida. All her time traveling in her RV with her dog and cockatiel was spent out west, Indian reservations, National Monuments, Vegas. She was known to everyone as ‘Diane from Maine’. In 2018 a friend in Pirate’s Wood invited her to visit during the Shrimp Festival. She saw her first Pirate, then more.  Too many to be a coincidence. She drove back to Maine, emptied her house and put it up for sale. Two months later she was back for good, in Pirate’s Wood, and became a Swabbie soon after.  Meant to be? Arrggghh!
                                Aruba Ruby

Rhonda Kjargaard discovered Amelia Island in her travels while touring the east coast, looking for a new place to migrate from the state of Oregon. She is a retired school administrator, and is married to Neil. Rhonda spends part of her time in their Aruba home, traveling back and forth between the island and Fernandina Beach. While in Aruba, she works with Animal Relief Foundation Aruba, and does dog rescue. Rhonda became a Fernandina pirate because she wanted to contribute to the community to which she now belonged.
                          Dirty Megal

                             Mae West

Mae West is her Pirate name. She was born and raised in Jacksonville, but now resides in Fernandina. She became a Pirate in 2002 because she loves the community service the club provides. She loves the pirate life, well.. because it’s fun bringing out that alter ego and dressing up like a Pirate. Oh and the Rum is good. Patricia has 3 fully grown adult children, one that followed in her footsteps of being a Pirate.




After spending my childhood in New England, I was shanghied and pressed into service on a sailing vessel headed to the carribean. Spent the next 12 years exploring the hidden treasures of the leeward and windward islands above and below the water. Escaped my captors and attempted to navigate my way back to the states but was ship wrecked in the Bermuda Triangle. Still thanking the Coast Guard Woods Hole Station daily for picking up deciphering the garbled may day and diverting a freighter to pluck us out of the ocean.
Finally “swallowed the anchor” and after years of trying to find a “home”one day the stars were aligned just right and I discovered my love for Fernandina and the people here.




Kashmir AKA Cheryl…Born in Hackensack NJ and raised in Allendale NJ, I spent a lot of time at my he Jersey Shore…Many pirate ships landed there and many pirates came on land with their unusual garb. I was VERY intrigued with these people in their boots and hats
I lost the dream of pirating until I moved to Fernandina Beach where I fell under the spell of the Krew.
I have been known for my fierce and bold spirit and my guzzling of Rum!!!
I forged a friendship with two pirates (Blondimon and Sea Kay McGee) and they helped me become a pirate… I was named Kashmir by them because of my favorite band Led Zeppelin…
I love the Pirate life!!!



Arrgg! My name is Blackfoot but the land lovers call me Kaysi. I am a 6th generation Floridian who loves the water. I have been sailing since I was a child with my mother and father. The ocean is my medicine and the beaches my spa. I enjoy the pirate life and searching for treasure. I find a little treasure in each person I meet.

I am a 5th Generation Floridian!! There is a town and a lake named after my Dad’s family (Sharpe’s and Sharpe’s lake). I Grew up being called “Sharp” or “Sharpy” (but never Karen), in VERY rural Florida on the St.Johns River between Little and Big Lake George. I Moved to Fernandina Beach in 1987, and spent over 30 years diving and fishing offshore Amelia. My last dive was last year. I always admired the work and camaraderie (and outfits) of the Fernandina Beach Pirates. My daughter Kaysi Cordle encouraged me to join, and I am really glad I did. I want to contribute time and talent to the Pirates as the Mission is grand.








                                Lisa Drang

I was looking for an opportunity to meet people on the Island, and get involved with community activities.  Give back to the community.  What a great opportunity to do that, plus I get to wear fun Pirate garb and learn about the history of Pirates.


                                  Jack Dusty


                               Teresa Mason



                                Jodi Anthony

                                  Brian Leary


                             Robert Chesnut


                                Lori Croon


                               Kent Croon








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