Baby, You’re a STAR!

pirate-photos-and-bios-neededPirates, we are gonna make you all super-stars!!!

The Club needs pictures and bios of our current membership to complete the website.

Your biography should be two to three short paragraphs. It can be serious or silly. You can use your real name, your pirate name or both! This is all about YOU!!! You may want to include the reasons you are a Pirate, or perhaps how you achieved your Pirate name. You can talk about work, family, friends and other organizations you are passionate about.

This is a great way for the community to know who our Pirate members are and what we represent both individually, as well as our group.

Pictures should be fairly current and “G” rated. They need to be about 300 px wide and of similar height. If you aren’t sure, simply send it to me and I can adjust the image if needed. Take a look at the Current Membership page while it is being constructed and you will get an idea of what we are looking for.

Send your picture and bio to:

If you have any questions, send an email to the address above and I’d be happy to assist you through this.

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