Fernandina Beach and Nassau County's Goodwill Ambassadors to the World!

Pirates Seek Logo for 1st Fernandina Pirate Festival

To get the ball really rolling for the 1st Fernandina Pirate Festival, the Pirates need a logo for the event. Be as creative as you’d like, but please keep the following information in mind...

Pirates Announce 2015 Miss Shrimp Festival Winners

A dozen Nassau County girls competed for the chance to win a $1,000 scholarship. After a gut-wrenching tie, the beautiful winners were finally announced!

All Aboard the Pirate Express in St. Marys, Georgia

In a brand new adventure created for St. Marys Express, pirates from the Fernandina Pirate Club will take part in the May 16 & 23 Pirate Express Rides in St. Marys.

Pirates Essential to Fernandina’s Shrimp Festival

Tuesday evenings scores of community members, including business owners, nurses, and retired military men and women, gather to discuss their next plan of attack.

2015 Fernandina Pirates Club Scholarship

The Fernandina Pirates Club is calling for entries to our scholarship essay contest open to all Nassau County high school seniors. You may think us...

A Mardi Gras Love Story

Pirates head to St. Mary's on Valentines Day to participate in the Mardi Gras parade and chili cook-off; this year's theme is "Love Story."
Pirates played a major role in the settlement of Amelia Island, Florida, and they're still around today. Founded in October of 1973, the Fernandina Pirates are a lively and active presence in this lovely coastal Florida community. Although our primary focus is on promoting our annual 'Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival', we are also interested in the community at large and try to do our part to better life in our charming little seaport town.
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